Technology Airflow™

Airflow™ technology is a patented sound delivery process utilizing an airtube to produce “Live” sound with no interference.

AIRCOM headsets are protected by US. Pat. N° 6453044:

US. Pat. N° 6453044 PDF (0,08 MB)

Sound Quality

A natural and balanced “Live” effect delivering the true sound of the performer’s music. Traditional wired headsets lack the natural body of sound but Aircom headsets deliver music that you can feel,
not just hear. Although digital is the new technology, your music doesn’t have to be limited to it; with Aircom, music comes alive as if you’re front row at a concert.

Interference Free

Using air as the delivery mechanism Airflow™ technology protects the user’s ears, eyes, and brain from any direct contact with interferences such as RF Energy and EMF’s. Lab tests show the RF3 headsets have a SAR level of 0*. Many studies have shown that RF Energy and EMF’s are not completely safe and extended exposure to any one of them could be harmful, especially to younger people and children.

Traditional wired headsets act like an antenna and carry RF Energy and EMF’s emitted from a cell phone through the wire into the user’s ear/head, thus exposing the inner ear and brain to RF Energy and EMF’s. Bluetooth headsets constantly emit RF Energy and EMF’s, even when not in use because it must maintain a connection with the phone.

Only Aircom equipped headsets eliminate exposure to RF Energy, EMF’s and has a SAR level of 0*.

*Based on lowest SAR level tested and a measurement value of 1/100th or 0.01 w/kg.

Laboratory Report:

Laboratory report on the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). This is a measure of the rate of energy absorption due to exposure to an RF transmitting source (wireless portable device) and AIRCOM headset.
Test results published in 2002 on RF3 headsets model used at this time with air tunbe technology "Airflow™".