About us

RF3 was established in 2000 and soon after was recognized by CEA as one of the most innovative products at the CES 2001 Electronics Show. In a time when a headset is just a headset, the RF3 line really brings something new to the industry with Aircom technology. Today the new line of Aircom A5 headsets developped by Aircom Audio, Inc. replaces the previous RF3 line. The concept behind the technology is to use air as a sound delivery process much like a doctor’s stethoscope, and the result is a headset that delivers pure “Live” sound as if you are sitting front row at a concert. In addition, Aircom promotes health by eliminating direct contact to interferences such as RF Energy and EMF’s, which is measured by a SAR Level.

With the proliferation of Smartphone use, having a headset that can communicate clearly and bring your music and movies alive without the unnecessary exposure to RF Energy and EMF’s will become the benchmark in the wireless phone industry.