Radiation Free Headsets

"Look Good, Sound Good, Feel Even Better"

At the heart of every great innovation, there is a great mind and development process. Aircom A5/A1 Headsets have addressed the EMF issue, which is disturbing radiation from cell phones, better than anyone through our line of high quality Aircom A5/A5 headsets. Our iPhone headsets are an excellent, high quality-sounding product that preserves the sound quality while stripping the harmful EMF away. Listening good music without harmfull radiation threat is what we strive for in each unit manufactured.

Using the patented Aircom Technology to produce our airtube headset, you can receive a live, on stage performance every time you play a song through the airtube-processed sounds. You're going to love the sound.

Whether you have Blackberry headsets, iPod headsets, or Apple iPhone headsets, iPad our Aircom A5 headsets outmatch their quality and EMF cancellation by far. Aircom carries the best earphones for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 users, and even have smaller sizes of kid's earphones. If you want cool earphones, Aircom A5 is your safe and ecologically logical choice.

Aircom headsets are protected by US. Pat. N° 6453044.

An audible frequency technology transmitted from the wires to an air tube to the speakers of the headphones. Sound travels through the tubes to the earphones providing body protection with a unique and lively sound experience.